Our prices are fair and competitive. Price depends on project type, the number of concepts & revisions, and turn around time.

1. Project type. Some projects, a business card, for example, is a quick project [ turn around time average 24-48 hours ]. A project, such as a website, undoubtedly takes a significant amount of days sometimes weeks even months to complete.

2. Concepts & Revisions. Our basic packages include 3 drafts with 2-3 revisions. The more original ideas you want to see increases design time. Also as the number of revisions increases so does time charged.

3. Turn Around Time. We can accommodate tight deadlines. We are more than pleased to work with you on sensitive timelines. Previously scheduled projects might need to be pushed back to accommodate such deadlines and working late into the night to accomplish deadlines may affect the cost of your project.


We work on diverse design projects ranging from manual layout to custom packaging. Please contact us and request a quote for your unique project. Please see below for basic prices and Startup Business packages

If it’s not listed,

Get a Quote!


Starting at $550 for 3 concepts, 2-3 revisions.


Starting at $150 for 3 concepts, 2-3 revisions.


Starting at $750 for a 5-page website, 2-3 revisions per page and email setup.


Starting at $200 for 1 concept and 2-3 revisions.


Starting at $150 for an Envelope and a Letterhead, 1 concept and 2-3 revisions.


Logo · Business Card · Brochure


Savings of $180


Logo Refresh · Business Card · Stationary


Savings of $115


Let us make design ENJOYABLE. Our 4 step design process is smooth and our results engaging.

Step 1 - Define the Project - At Perillo Design we begin with a free consultation. We listen to you and understand the unique requirements of your project. An estimate will be supplied outlining the charges pertaining to your project post initial consultation.

Step 2 - Details - Collect all content that is relevant to the project, images, text, links etc.

Step 3 - Design - Put it all together. This is the fun part where we get to shine. Together with you, the client, we will take the ideas and content collected and create a polished and visually stimulating design.

Step 4 - Evaluate - Make sure it looks amazing!

“Design is thinking made visual.” - Saul Bass